Thursday, November 30, 2017

EVENT TONIGHT - Habitat Restore - Sneak Peek: Tour Habitat's New ReSTORE

To make a building energy efficient, you need to have good insulation and air tightness, like a refrigerator. The new ReStore just had its air tightness tested, and it passed with flying colors. For all of us energy geeks, here are the numbers: 0.13 cubic feet per minute at negative 75 Pascals (0.13 CFM75). This is below the IGCC (International Green Construction Code) goal of 0.25 CFM75, and WAY below the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) goal of 0.40 CFM75. 
In order to determine air tightness, you use a blower door test, which pulls air out of the building to create negative pressure. (the red doors with fans in them...) 

So, you could say that our blower door test shows that we blow doors!

Thanks to Angela Loughry for her hard work on air sealiing the building, and her husband Mark McLain for doing the blower door test.

Keep in mind that with an airtight building, you need to ventilate it properly in order to have healthy indoor air. That's where having a good engineer comes into play. Thanks to Mike Surhbier at SGM for designing a very efficient heating and ventilation system!

To learn more about this building, come by tonight for an Energy Sneak Peek!

Please join us at the Habitat Restore form 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at:

Habitat Restore
7025 CO-82 
Glenwood Springs, CO