Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 20 Under 40

Jeff Dahl
Green Line Architects
Carbondale, Colorado

Jeff Dahl is on a mission. “We’re trying to get
as efficient as we can, to the point where our
homes use zero net energy,” he explains of
the mission he’s embarked upon with partner
Steven Novy. And although he’s found
that “greenwashing” has diluted the impact
of the term “green building,” his firm is doing
its best to do things right. “As far as we’re
concerned, energy efficiency is probably the
most important aspect of green design,”
Dahl says. Building smaller, ultra-durable
homes that will last for generations is also a
priority. The trick, says Dahl, is marrying
sustainability with aesthetics. “If it doesn’t
look good, then it’s not worth it,” he says.
And although the firm’s architectural style is
faithful to Colorado’s mountain vernacular,
but with a modern twist, each design is a
unique solution with a look that’s one-of-akind.
“We don’t want to get pigeonholed into
any one style,” Dahl says. “We always try to
create timeless designs for real people.”

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