Friday, October 9, 2009

Micro Space Frame Design

Green Line Architects and David Rassmussen Design are teaming up to create a new line of future-thinking furniture.
This space frame chair is a good example of a starting point for one of the designs. It uses small wire segments to achieve a super-efficient, open structure. You'll note that the amount of material used to create the structure is minimal. As long as fabrication is not too time-consuming, space frame construction is a model of efficient design. (from David Rasmussen's blog, a product from Milano Design Week 2009) Its more of a traditional chair form, which is maybe too hard-edged and maybe not perfectly comfortable...

So, our plan will be to do this with the stated goal of achieving the best possible ergonomic designs. Our research started this week with some spirited discussions of how to use small space-frame tetrahedra to create comfortable anthropomorphic furniture, and how to create a better ergonomically designed seat that will help people with posture, and allow for better comfort and productivity.

The first prototype of an "Ergonomic Wing Seat" has been iterated, and will now be redrawn, rehashed, trashed and rebuilt.

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