Monday, August 3, 2015

A fresh perspective on design.

Dr. Temple Grandin consults with Green Line Architects on two new designs. 

Green Line Architects was honored to spend the day with one of Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World" last Tuesday, Dr. Temple Grandin. Temple began her day at Sustainable Settings Ranch in Carbondale, Colorado, were she advised the new design and cow-handling plan of Green Line's proposed Dairy Barn project. Grandin's input helped Green Line staff to understand design details that will reduce stress on the animals and improve the working environment for Sustainable Settings young group of gardeners, ranch-hands and activists.

Sustainable Settings is a poster child for the future of farming; permaculture, integrated pest management, intern work-study programs and community involvement.

Photo of "Ruby" the dairy cow and from left to right; Marci Krivonen from Aspen Public Radio, Sally Bernard from Ascendigo, Dr. Temple Grandin from Colorado State University and Brook LeVan from Sustainable Settings. Photo by Rob Hollis from Green Line Architects.

After a farm-to-table meal at the ranch, we were excited to have Dr. Grandin come back to downtown Carbondale and tour The Yellow House. The Yellow House, designed in partnership with Ascendigo, an adult adventure camp for youth and adults across the autism spectrum, is a home for up to three autistic individuals to begin to gain independence and skills in their pursuits of a fulfilling life. Temple was excited to see that the home had all the infrastructure and capabilities of a medical facility, yet the feel and look of a comfortable home. Temple was also thrilled to see that the design included a wi-fi master shutoff and the absence of TVs in the bedrooms, concluding "your (sons and daughters) are not going to develop if they don't get outside the house and learn to help other people."

Dr. Temple Grandin was very helpful in consulting on these two projects with Green Line Architects. You can see the two talks she did for the community, at the end of a very long day, online at Grassroots TV:

Thanks to our partners Sustainable Settings and Ascendigo for helping to bring Temple to the Roaring Fork Valley.

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